Elegant Occasions 4 U L.L.C.



  1. How long have you been a wedding coordinator?

    I have been a wedding coordinator since Febuary 2007

  2. How much do you charge?

    I charge a flat rate and have several packages to choose from

  3. How many times will we meet and how long will each meeting last?

    We can meet as many times as needed and each meeting should only take One hour to an hour and a half

  4. Will you meet with our vendors and look over their contracts?


  5. Can you help plan a wedding within our budget?


  6. Will you contact our vendors before the wedding?

    Yes, I will contact every contracted vendor to make sure everything will be schedule on time

  7. What is the deposit requirments?

    There is a $250 deposit due at the sign of the contract

  8. If we cancel our contract, will we get all or any of our deposit back?

    There is no refunds on deposit

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